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Time:11:13 am
Current Mood:lovedloved
I don't care what the other girls say. I will never doubt Dillion again. I will never doubt what he feels for me or what he thinks of me. Izzy Astin can take her groping and go elsewhere. Whether or not he gropes me and begs me for sex has nothing to do about how he feels or doesn't feel about me. And I know that. I feel like an idiot for even listening to the other garbage.

Tonight, he gave me one if his 'little surprises' that he has been hinting at since before Christmas. All on his own, he learned a Russian dance. A traditional Russian dance. Done at holiday celebrations and weddings. He never asked me. He didn't ask for help. He just did it. For me. Because he knows how much my family believes in our heritage. He's learning our heritage. For me. It made me cry. That said more about his thoughts and feelings on me than anything he could have whispered into my ear. He danced a Russian dance with me on the battlements, and he did it perfectly. I don't think I've been so happy in all of my entire life. I didn't want him to let me go.

He called me 'princess'. He's never called me a pet name before. Not hon or sweetie or anything. Always Rhian. But tonight, it was princess. I don't know why it hit me like it did. Maybe just because I was still so awed by him learning the dance. But it caught my attention.

After the quidditch game a few weeks ago, I caught him on the beach. And he was so tired and sleepy. And he told me he's a horrible boyfriend. Because he knows he doesn't say what he feels, and he doesn't seem to be emotional over anything. He told me I'm pretty..and that he should say that more often. I told him he was a very good boyfriend, that I was just being silly listening to the other girls.

Between that and tonight...I'm such an idiot. Guys don't just DO something like that unless you mean something to them. Mean /alot/ at that. Its like when he got me the star last year for my birthday. So fitting. And meant only for me. Its something that wouldn't mean anything to anyone else. He really pays attention and knows who I am.

We still don't talk about the future. We never have. We're too young. Our birthdays are coming up. And shortly after that, its been one year we've been really together and not just 'casually dating'. I need to find him something really special for his birthday. Or maybe for before his birthday too.

And maybe I /want/ to start thinking about the future.
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Subject:Gryffindor Game
Time:09:23 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
We lost the game against Gryffindor.

Correction: We lost the Seek-Off against their Golden Boy Seeker.

We were doing really well in the game. They got the quaffle first, but we stole it and scored first. Our Beaters were doing a good job. None of us got hit. The only one to fumble the quaffle was me. Connor saw the snitch first, really early.

But then JM started trailing Connor. Connor tried to catch it. Just couldn't get his hand on it. Then JM surged ahead and grabbed it.

Number of Games Slytherin House has lost in a row: 7
Number of Games I've Lost as Captain: 1

It definitely feels worse losing as Captain than it did just being on the team. But it wasn't our team that lost. We were playing excellently. I couldn't have asked for any better. Very proud of my team. Way I look at it, we lost to JM.

But next year?

They won't have their Golden Boy. Their butts are ours.
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Subject:OOC: Which Witch
Time:10:19 am
Muahahhaa.Collapse )
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Subject:OOC: Death Eater Quiz
Time:09:44 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
Wicked Cunning I AmCollapse )
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Subject:School and Tryouts
Time:11:16 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Everything seems to be going well at school. Classes are work, of course, but still very interesting. I'm enjoying being the Astronomy TA.

Being a prefect isn't as hard as I thought it would be. At least, it hasn't been yet. The school was thrown into an uproar the other night when the Dark Mark was over Hogsmeade, but we handled it well. Let the students camp out in the commons with us prefects, if they wanted. The older students were helpful.

I'm thinking of making up a tutoring list. Talking to the older students, finding out their best classes and if they have time, then putting up a list so the younger students know who to go to for help.

The tryouts went well. Connor and Rickon are coming back, and Blaire said she will as well. Unfortunately, that means all our chasers came back, and we're still a keeper short because we have to replace Julie, and we have one person trying out for chaser, and she doesn't want anything else. Saoirse and I are going to have to figure out if we want to move someone, or how we want to handle.

I'm really pleased with the house this year. Everyone seems to be pulling together, working with each other. I know its just the beginning of the year and that can all change, but its a great start and its nice to see.

Have to make some time to see Dillion. I think its going to be a challenge to spend much time with each other. I guess we'll just have to make the most of it when we are together. I miss spending time with him in the tower. I spent time there the other night, watching my star. Watching it isn't the same without him.
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Subject:Early September
Time:09:33 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
School has started in earnest. They didn't bother giving us any time to adjust to being back to school, that's for sure. Jumped right into those NEWTS. I'm still excited though.

I have to say, the kids in the house are taking what I said pretty seriously. I sat around and listen to Alfie and Romuald make plans on how to help the firsties. Not only to entertain them their first weekend here, but to help them learn to use the library and maybe give them a bit of a head start on their first few weeks of classes. I was pretty impressed at their idea. I would have never thought about using the chocolate frog wizarding cards as encouragement. We'll see if it works.

I love being a TA for Astronomy. I get to help with the classes, and spend all my time in the tower. Its quite grand.

Need to start recruiting for the Quidditch tryouts. Prefect meeting tonight. Classes to plan.

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Subject:New School Year.
Time:12:34 pm
Current Mood:energeticenergetic
The summer is finally over. Time to get back to school.

The train ride was fun. It was nice to see people again. Took turns patroling the train with the other prefects. Got to sit with Dillion for a bit, but not too long.

The opening feast was about like it always was. Nothing out of the ordinary. I do wonder, though, once I'm out of school, will I miss it? I only have one more opening feast left. I'm sure it will feel strange every September, not going back. For the first few years, at least.

What separates anything in your life, then? There is no going back to school at the end of the summer. No summer to look forward to all spring. Do all your days just run together to the same sort of routine, day in and day out, and the seasons pass without much notice? I'm not sure I'd like that. If that is growing up, then maybe I'm not so ready to be grown up as I think.

Talked with some of the rest of the house at the table and in the common room after I led the firsties to dorms. We are all agreed: We have to do something different this year. We have to reverse this course. By winter holidays, we're always so far behind there is no point even bothering any more. Have to come up with ways to have that not happen this year. I'm trying to get as many people as possible to try out for the quidditch team. Need to make some flyers to put in the common room.

I miss Julie. It is so different without her here.

Need to talk with the Professor and find out how he wants me to help with the Astronomy classes.

Need to figure out when I can spend some time with Dillion.
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Subject:Grade Packet
Time:02:46 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
My grades came today. I was surprised how thick the envelope was. As always, my father opens the grades, with us standing there. He finished with Dmitri, then it was my turn.

When he opened it, his eyes got big. I thought for sure I'd failed something, then he looked up at me with this big smile. I got a prefect badge in my packet. That certainly was a surprise to both of us! And then the letter, confirming that I will be the Astronomy TA this year. That made my grandfather happy. Daddy would have preferred Potions TA.

Grades weren't bad either.

Astronomy - O
Charms - E
Defense - E
Herbology - A
History of Magic - A
Potions - O
Transfiguration - O
Ancient Runes - O
Healing Arts - A

He said he could tell that I had decided which classes I wanted to be taking next year and studied harder there. He didn't like the A's, but said he understood I felt I needed to focus on the others. I'm a little disappointed with my defense grade. I'll have to work harder next year.

Ancient Runes
Transfiguration or Charms - Can't decide. Maybe they'll let me take both?

Also: Got a letter from Julie as well. She isn't going to be Captain next year. That makes me captain. Uh...unsure what I think of that. But I'll be getting all the books on Quidditch strategy I can get my fingers on, to be certain.
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Subject:Parents and Internships
Time:01:42 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
Dillion and I met each other's parents. His were much cooler about it than my family, to be certain.

I met him at his house, and we had dinner. His mother was very nice, as was his father. His mother seemed to understand how it threw me off a little, the not moving pictures. Dillion actually caught me poking at one, trying to get it to move or respond. How embarrassing. We went and saw a movie about space aliens. It was horribly scary, and the sound came from just everywhere. I spent most of the movie clutching to Dillion's arm. Not that he complained. And I didn't really either. It /was/ pretty gross too. Especially when that alien came out of her stomach. Ewwwwwwwww.

Then he came to my house the next day. Met my mom and dad, and one set of grandparents. Daddy almost started into a lecture, but mother stepped in and distracted him. It was a completely mortifying experience. Some english phrases don't translate well into Russian. My grandmother got confused. Made some reference to not buying the cow if they don't know what the milk is worth. Dillion, bless his heart, was confused. The rest of the family got it. So then my grandfather, dear that he is, flat out asked Dillion if he was getting any milk. My father nearly spit his drink across the table. How we got through that lunch, I'll never know. But FINALLY I got to give him a tour and we went to the tree house for a bit.

Internship is going well. Daniel gave me some kind of linguistics test. I finished it in two hours. One of the languages was Russian though, and one french. I've studied both. German was a language I knew was completely different. The hardest ones were the Spanish and Italian, because it was hard to tell which word was in which language, because they are kind of close sometimes. Daniel was pleased. We talked about languages. He said he might try to get me into some language classes next year. I'm very excited about the whole Mysteries thing. This is definitely what I want to do when I graduate.
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Time:04:12 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Had a date with Dillion last night. He totally surprised me. In more than one way.

Set up a muggle game called Badmitton. I think I'm horrible at it. Kept missing that little birdie thingy. But we just talked while we played. Very relaxed.

At least until he just suddenly says that he is hoping that this Slytherin girl will say yes to going steady with him. I think we lost the birdie. I don't know where it went. I just stood there like an idiot, and made him clarify before I said yes. So..I guess its official.

After that, by way of apology because he can't take me to the dance because of prefect duties that night, he snuggled up with me and found a good place to watch my star in the sky. The one he got for me. He even took the time to look up where it was! Very impressed.

He doesn't care if I go to the dance with Kamarov. I did give my word, and I can't just not go with someone three days before the dance when they already have their dress robes and such. He will try to slip down and sneak in a dance or two with me. He trusts me. He told me to have fun...but no kissing. I think I can handle that.

Then this morning, I went out for a run, and he was there. He actually called himself my boyfriend. That sounded so odd. He hasn't told anyone yet. I haven't either. Made plans to eat lunch together. Talked about NEWT classes. Sounds like we'll be taking the same ones, with the exception of his Vocational and my Astronomy.
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